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Hi! It’s been a good while!


I’ve been a busy little bee to say the least! I’ve competed in the first annual Extreme Tag with the founding members, where I experienced horror and joy all in one 24hr period(I didn’t loose!), I’ve involved myself in two new businesses and pulled out(giggedy) of four, I’ve uncovered more about myself and what I need to do with me and my life and I managed to bring my daughter home for 3 months!

So alot has happened and alot is still happening! Let’s do a short recap of the last two months, shall we?

I love vikings. Like, I really love vikings… The entirety of their values and rules, their love for nature, their way of life, everything. I didn’t realize what I was doing to myself when I accomplished my first goal. -Be able to work from home. This sounds like a dream for so many people, but for me, it wasn’t what I hoped it to be. After several months of getting up, making coffee, take a sip as I glare out the window with a smile on my mouth as I watch the sun rise, then off to work all of 5 feet from where I had my view. Sounds good, right? I thought so.

The thing is, I love nature! So I was really enjoying those moments before I got slumped down in front of the computer screen for the day. I had a massive epiphany as I was lying next to a friend in the middle of a field on a hot summer day. THAT was what I needed. Good music, fresh air and nature! After that day my pc has been asleep most of the time. I’ve let several customers go because I couldn’t stand the thought of sitting at that desk all day! So I developed a plan. I wanted to make something different. And it turns out to be a Viking Activity Center of sorts.. Extremely primitive and based upon viking lore and history, environmental cleanup and crafting from natural materials. I’m still in the startup phase of this idea, but everything is looking great so far!

Then I got invested in a small business that makes yarn! Yes, actual yarn from raw wool and stuff. This tied in perfectly with the whole viking thing, so that’s ongoing and I hope to show you something soon!

Then I saw a movie with a friend of mine that changed my life. Tag. It is exactly what it sounds like, adults running around the country playing extreme tag! 2 weeks, every year, from June 1. to June 14., hell breaks loose. And it’s amazing. This year was more of a trial run, but it still involved breaking an entering, getting tossed out of a boxing training session and pursuits! Great potential for the coming years!

So my life is awesome! EVERYTHING is falling into place and I owe it all to my mentality! I changed the way I looked at things, from breathing, to food, to positivity and love. I’m a super positive man these days compared to the stressed dude I was just shy of a year ago. I do my very best to be in nature as much as I can, be that spending the night in a lavvo, simply gazing from a mountaintop or lying in a field. It truly changes you!

I wanted to write this small update now, because I am on the brink of a totally awesome journey. It has been ongoing for quite some time, but somebody has thrown gasoline on the fire and I believe it was me. From here on out, I will experience the most amazing things and I want you to join me!

I want you to experience the same freedom as I have found.

Follow @TheSeppola on Instagram and Facebook and tag along, I will do my best to spread my knowledge and make people break free from lives they’re not 100% in love with!