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The Adventure

I am stoked to see you! Thank you for showing an interest in this project/adventure of ours. Hopefully it will inspire you to see your life from a different angle and make changes where you see they are needed.


If that happens because of videos or this website, I can’t express how proud I’d be.

The Progress

It is and will continue to be a progress of ups and downs, highs and lows. The progress will be logged here on the site and there is daily videos on the youtube channel. I hope it will inspire you to take action and prove to you that anyone can do something great.

The Blog

Latest Entries

The Requested Update

The Requested Update

It's been a long time since I uploaded anything from the journey that is my life. During the last year, I've learned alot about what my values are and what I need to focus on. It has been a personal story that has been developing since last you saw me. Since then, my...

Development! – and extreme tag.

Development! – and extreme tag.

Hi! It's been a good while!   I've been a busy little bee to say the least! I've competed in the first annual Extreme Tag with the founding members, where I experienced horror and joy all in one 24hr period(I didn't loose!), I've involved myself in two new...

Who I am

Hey! Thank you so much for bothering to glance at these written pixels. I’m Sep. I’ve had a very…. -sparkly life..


I’ve seen things. Horrible things.. Like, one time there was a booger in my son’s nose and when he exhaled, he made a bubble that exploded down on his tongue.. I still suffer from that..


There’s nothing special about me, really.. I’ve led a life that I’m not particularly proud of, up until the point where I changed everything. Now I can honestly say that I am a little proud. And I’ve done most of it while being bald, so there’s that!


I was hungry in 2015 when “TheSeppola” was born and I’m hungry while writing this in 2018. Hungry for a change. Something different. What sets 2018 apart from 2015, is that now I know what I can do and what I can’t. I’ve cultivated new skills, I’ve changed my diet, my sleep-pattern, my mind, my mindset, my view of things, EVERYTHING.


That has led me to the “Repurposisation” of TheSeppola. I want it to become THE. THE man who tried. THE man who did it. THE man who found happiness despite ALL odds.


That’s why I reached out to Pablo, my coach. That’s why everything changed and I started the 100 Day Challenge. That’s why I succeeded.


I am the guy, who despite being a criminal in desperate times, despite having a debt of $5Million at the age of 20, despite prison, despite drugs, despite it all… -made it. Not only made it, but made a dream life for me, my closest ones and the ones I did all of this for, my children, Trym and Violeta. I am as transparent as they come, and I hope that is why you tagged along in this adventure of mine.


Because you can take my word for it, great things can also happen to people that was thought to end up 6 feet under.


Thank you.



Where to find me

Here’s the different places you can find us around the web if that’s your thing.

4 months ago

The Seppola

This might seem like a weird thing to many... Why jump into the North Sea in mid October. But I swear, there's something to this!

More about it on the actual video.

#adventure #fmlproject #forgingmylegacy #fml100daychallenge

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4 months ago

The Seppola

During my daily adventure, which included nude swimming in an extremely cold lake, I came across my loving nemesis, Brutus. The score is now 8-3 in my favor! ...

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The Challenge That Started It All


My coach, Pablo Borrero, made me realize alot of things about myself. Through talking to him about my life, he helped me plot out the course to make it better. To point out the right direction. After that, my life has taken several turns, each of them a little more refined towards the end goal.

Now, everything is changed and I can honestly say, that taking the leap in the beginning was the smartest thing I could’ve done.

Join in on our adventure. Be that here on the site or on a social media platform. If you are sick of your current situation, the best time to start fixing it is now.

The Motivator

What made me realize that this was needed and what kept me going

Since I was a little sprout, Family has been my most prized part of my life. When I got my son, that feeling grew to my surprise. I didn’t think it was possible to have stronger feelings towards the subject than what I already had.

When I got my daughter, it grew again.

My treasures, Trym and Violeta, is always on my mind’s eye. When I had to change our life to be able to eat everyday, The picture of them was firmly planted in my mind when I closed my eyes.

I can honestly say, if it wasn’t for them, I would’ve given up a long time ago.

The Goal


The Goal is to be able to pack up my family and travel the world. Even if we’re more than broke right now, I want to prove that with will, dedication, hard work and staying on track, everything is possible.

For anyone.

This journey started with the 100 Days Challenge on the youtubechannel.

See what I had to do in order to change everything in life.

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