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A home for the creative
Banteroll aims to become the beacon of hope in a sea of challenges.

We know how hard it is for the little guy or girl trying to pursue their dreams with no real direction or knowledge to do so.

We want to support the fresh creators and nurish their talent. We want you to achieve your potential.

Where to find Banteroll

Contact us if you are  just starting out and need guidance or if you feel lost despite your best efforts.
Banteroll can currently be found on Twitch, where the magic happens live, or on Youtube, where we upload edited VOD’s of the show.

If you want to contact us via mail, you can visit our Facebook page or you can shoot us a mail directly at

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Building Universes

Inside the universes created by our esteemed DM, we find ourselves in the strangest of situations.

Because of this, there will be new content, media and other stuff coming all the time, so that you too can take part in the universes we build.

Current show


Our journey in numbers

Below you can see some numbers from our journeys thus far.

If you want to take part in them, we’ll be happy to see you at the Twitch channel as they happen or in the Videos on Demand on Youtube.

Character Deaths

Bosses Slain

stolen buttons


Of the plans gets followed

Our current party

Teo the sadist

With a mind full of secrets and vivid worlds, you can always trust this DM to throw in some unforseen twist of fate

Sep the gullible

A clueless player, you can always trust that there will be questions

Zerkesh the logical

An avid follower of the RPG genre and D&D, Zerkesh knows just about anything you need to know

Obsid the lover

Always some ace in the sleeve, Obsid knows his way around stuff

Torm The deceiver

A wildcard in any game, you can never see what’s coming

Join our adventures

Become a part of the family and get news and updates as they happen