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Desire for Perfection


This is actually taken straight out of a video from Casey Neistat. It’s about starting something. Starting something and not finishing it. I hate that and I am pretty sure that most people would agree. But that is not the point here. The POINT is;

Casey mentioned a quote by Voltaire. “Perfection is the Enemy of Good”.

THAT struck me. Hard. I’ve been working on many projects in my time, ranging from physical to digital and everything in between, with many different subcategories in each category. The thing is, way too many people, including me, suffers from this. To try and make something perfect instead of just working with that which is good! Why is that, I wonder…

So many projects, so many products, so many plans and ideas has been stopped, wrecked or postponed simply because “It’s not 100%”.

I want you to do a little search in your life. What idea did you have that didn’t see the light of day because of some little thing that wasn’t perfect? Think long and hard. If that thing is so small that it didn’t make a monumental difference in the fulfillment of that idea, go for it!

If it is still manageable and works, DO IT. Do not let your desire for perfection prevent you from finishing something good.

That is why I am recording my vlogs with a DSLR that’s not made for video, an iPhone earbud with bad connection and my phone. Make use of what you have and fix stuff along the way. WORK with it!


Until next time, I hope you have a fantastic day!