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The Internet. Our Current Frontier.


Since the dawn of time, people have had some sort of way to support themselves. In ancient times one traded grain for meat or clay for clothes. Trade has always been vital and the commerce between us has kept us alive.

Today, things have evolved and so we need to evolve to be able to keep up with the trade of the world. You might think that you are bound forever to work in that shoestore or convenient store, but that is far from the truth. Today, we are the masters of our own destiny if we choose to be. You can literally change your life overnight if you have an idea that is worth it.

How The Internet Saved Us

If I hadn’t used the internet as I have for quite some time now, my family would be out on the streets. That’s just the simple truth of the situation. We might live in Norway, where money is supposed to be flowing everywhere, but if you stick to the old system, the systems put in place by people wanting to make money, you’ll be stuck. If you then need help from the gouvernment, it seems to be designed in a way to keep you down.

I want to tell you that you don’t have to put up with it anymore. Depending on your country, pushing through that barrier where you’ll basically risk it all is hard. Sometimes it might even seem impossible. It was for me.

Let’s Do The Math

I had about $2000 per month in government aid. That is actually more than the average payout, because I worked at the factory with an above average salary until my health came knocking.

From these $2000, $800 went to the rent. $400 went into the car with downpayments and insurance. $300 went into a loan that just never seems to get smaller, $100 phonebills(downpayment included), $200 in misc bills and $50-$100 in monthly fuel for the car.


If we live on the cheap, each meal can cost around $10 to feed a family of 4. There’s still about 29 days left until the next paycheck. Do you see where this will come crashing down? The baby needs food. 1 box of baby formula is around $10. Then all the other things like diapers, wetwipes, soap, toiletpaper etc etc etc….

I needed a solution. FAST!

After explaining the situation to the gouvernment employee, I quickly realized that this was up to me to fix.

I turned to the world wide web. If this technology didn’t exist, we’d be dead!

If you have a skill, and I know you do. EVERYONE does. There is something that you love doing, that you’re better at than the average person. Something you love doing and crave to learn more about. See if you can monetize it!


Ok, But How Can I Do Any of This?


Head over to, here you can take on small jobs to make ends meet or you can build a career. They have all sorts of categories and stuff for you to do. Word of advice, though. NEVER talk about payment outside the platform. While they can help in a pinch, or build a career, they’ll ban you for going outside of their site for payment and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to fix it. Because of this, working at Upwork can be really nervewracking. Take the hit with paying them some of your earnings, it’s worth it. FYI, I’m banned. Can’t ever go back.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, get into Dropshipping. Here, you don’t pay for anything to start up, other than domain and some very basic stuff. If you strike gold, there’s potentially ALOT of money here. All for a start-up cost of maybe $30. It’s a saturated market though, so be ready for cometition.

Amazon FBA! Here, you’ll manufacture your own products in a factory somewhere(often China), then ship it to an Amazon Fulfillment Center, where they handle everything for you. You “just” do the marketing!

Consultant! If you’re really good at something, you can get paid to consult others! You should have some experience, though. Don’t just do it for the money, do it for the passion.

Graphic Designer! If you’re a creative sprite, like me, you can be a freelance graphic designer or webdesigner og any designer! There’s alot of places to get your name out there and it even works in your own community!

Marketer! This is a big one in 2018. The trend has really blown up, where there’s guru’s all over the place. Basically, you’ll help businesses in creating ads and generating leads for their business. There’s alot of info to get in, but it is a very lucrative industry.

This is just a few examples from the top of my head. I don’t want to go into detail on them in this post, but if there’s an interest for learning this kind of stuff, then I can make separate posts and videos about how to get into each individual one. I’ve taken so many courses and failed soooo many times, that I have a very good understanding about how these work..

Everyone has their own thing

For me, though, going the creative way was the way to go. I like making stuff and alot can be adapted to be done on the move when we travel. I basically started doing what I love and what I do in my spare time, and voila! Now I can support my family!

I want you to dig deep. If you are tired of your situation, but scared to take action, contact me. Let’s do it together. We have ALL the tools needed to make our dream lives. So get out there and DO it! 🙂