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Have You Experienced Claustrophobia?


I have. In the form of not being able to provide for my family. To be held down by debt and negative thoughts. To work hard, with no reward and keep running in circles.

This was my life. I did this every single day. I typed away on the keyboard for upwards of 6-8 hours every single day for a payout of $150 pt week.. The government put us in a box because of my girlfriend, Michelle’s, situation, where she was waiting to get her greencard to Norway.

That is VERY briefly explained. I’ll go more into depth in the future. Thing is, we had one income, mine. It was ok when it was only me and my son. With two adults and two children, I had to figure something out. So I started chatmoderating for extra money.

This was our life for quite some time. I also tried and tested alot of business ideas. None really panned out. The depression was about to attack for real.

I managed to gather some cash for a course on SMMA, Social Media Marketing Agency. Through here, I got access to a Facebookgroup, which then in turn put me in contact with the savior.

I met Pablo through a Facebookpost. I commented, he reached out. I talked to him on google hangouts. He seemed like a VERY knowledgeable guy! Exactly what I needed! So I scraped together some money to get him as my coach. That’s when things changed.

I still have debt. But I always manage to get a tiny commition to put food on the table while I get back on my feet. I changed my habits, I started working out. I stay away from sugar and I meditate. Now I actually feel better than I’ve done in a very long time. Yeah, things are still hard, but the pressure isn’t crushing anymore. The debt won’t go anyway, so while it sits there, I’ve got more room in my head to think about a solution. Not only a solution. This is the first post on the road to my dream life! OUR Dreamlife!

This blog will serve as part of my ongoing documentation towards that goal and I hope you tag along.

Thank you for taking time to read this.