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TheSeppola official

Ground Zero of The Online STD.
The twitch channel
What is The Online STD and why should you care about TheSeppola or any brands affiliated to it?
Even though The Online STD sounds like some sick joke out of a mental asylum, it’s actually more of a safe haven for all people to seek refuge. We do not discriminate and we take care of our own.

The people who choose to stick to the channel(s) etc tend to find that the people in the community share a similar personality and thus feel like they belong to something greater.

TheSeppola grew from being a streamer on Twitch to becoming a brand with roots in several ventures around the world.
In other words – The STD grew. Alot.

Discover yourself in other people

Main goals

We seek to expand and grow, bringing value and love to all who interacts with the brand.
I am proud to say that we have helped people with struggles on stream and that is exactly what we aim to be.

-A supporting, loving safehaven.

Over time, TheSeppola went from purely gaming “on demand” to more of a production aware channel. Now, the brand is largely invested in Dungeons & Dragons on the gaming subject, along with other smaller “just for fun games”.

Banteroll came to fluition in the wake of some D&D games and will grow to be much more than some campaign in D&D. From TheSeppola and Banteroll, the companies Studio Yggdrasil and ARKTIS was also born.

Needless to say, the goals are growing, the ambition and desire to deliver value and entertainment will grow along side all of our ventures and we hope you will like the results of this.

The dude behind the madness

A small welcome from Sep

A Look Inside the STD

Alot of people have asked to see behind the scenes.
Although it’s not the most exciting (That’s what she said) yet, it’s where the magic happens. And this is an excuse to actually clean up the area…

Social Media

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Be yourself

Join the Seppolitus

Join our community, be a part of our STD, laugh with us, cry with us.
Get to know us.

The regular faces

The people you’ll see pop up on and around the channel.
A bit awkward if you don’t know their names, right?

Teo "DM" Kuusela

Host/DM of Banterollâ„¢

Chris aka Zerkesh

Player and Funny-person

Neil AKA Obsid

Player and Scotsman


Background and Sep's GF

What are you waiting for?